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Networking Physical Network: We use cables/medium to connect systems. Virtual Network: This is software defined network used to connect virtual machines Ip address: A unique number used to identify a system in a network Network interface connects system to network and gets an ip address IP Address Execute ipconfig ip address : subnet mask […]

Ansible roles Lets create a role for tomcat playbook. Refer Here for the changes done to refactor the tomcat playbook into a role. In roles main.yml is the default file that gets called, from there we can call many other yaml files using include_tasks Refer Here Refer Here for sample Ideal usage of role — […]

Ansible roles Lets try to create a simple ansible playbook Refer Here for the playbook that can be used to install utilities Refer Here for the playbook to install java Refer Here for the basic structure of ansible role Refer Here for using the roles

Azure Recovery In the last session we had setup replication for a VM and the synchronization was in progress. Lets perform test failover As test failover seems to be working lets clean test failover Once the cleanup is complete, whenever in need we can do failover.

AWS Operations Status Checks of EC2 Launch an EC2 instance and verify the status System Status checks are reported if there are issues with power, network etc in AWS AZ’s Instance status checks are reported if the ec2 instance is unable to boot. Generally the issues will be resolved by reboot If the instance status […]

Ansible Roles Ansible Roles help in creating re-usable ansible assets. Ansible has huge collection of community roles developed and hosted in Ansible Galaxy Refer Here We can create our own custom ansible roles. using existing Ansible role from Ansible Galaxy Lets use a role to install mysql Refer Here Refer Here for the usage of […]

Enabling Disaster Recovery for Azure Vms using Azure Site Recovery Enabling replication of vms The vm replication can be set up for Azure VMS On-premises Once the replication is complete we can perform Test failover Cleanup test failover failover Initial synchronization will sync the disk contents Once the initial synchronization is complete we can perform, […]

AWS Disaster Recovery Service Created a supported os (ubuntu 20.04) and retrying DR After successful installation replicated instance is shown in source servers Disaster Recovery Actions Recovery Drill: Testing if the DR is working as intended Recovery: Performing DR in the actual case of failures FailBack: The failure is resolved and we are resetting the […]

Ansible lookups Refer Here for official lookup docs. Lookups work with the help of lookup plugins Refer Here To understand lookups better, lets install the Ansible traditional way and look into ansible configuration files execute ansible –version The hosts file in /etc/ansible acts as default inventory Ansible.cfg in /etc/ansible is the configuration file of ansible […]

Azure Backup Center Using Azure Backup center we can enable backups for VMs Databases Storage For the specific services refer below screenshot For Azure Backup Center we need a recovery services vault Lets create a recovery services vault Ensure you have a vm running Select the vault created in the backup center Triggering initial backup […]