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Working with Jenkins Pipelines In jenkins free style projects, when we install plugins we get UI, with Jenkins 2.0 with plugins we get some steps. Lets create a declarative pipeline for spring petclinic project pipeline { agent { label ‘JDK11’ } options { timeout(time: 1, unit: ‘HOURS’) retry(2) } triggers { cron(‘0 * * * […]

Build Triggers When the project should be built? Generally organizations follow two types of builds Day Builds: Builds done during active development Two options: Build for every change pushed by a developer Build for every one hour or two hours in active working timings We are supposed to give feedback to developer on their commit […]

Aws EC2 Systems Manager AWS EC2 Systems Manager can help us in doing administrative operations on ec2 instances and virtual machines running on-premises Lets create the following ec2 instances ubuntu redhat windows 2019 Launch Systems Manager Lets Launch Session Manager Create an IAM Role as specified in the session and create a session Use Run […]

Azure VM Operations Create one ubuntu linux vm Create one redhat linux vm Create one windows 2019 server vm Lets Explore the Options Azure Bastion This service helps us connect to Azure VM using ssh or rdp in a secure way After enabling the azure bastion, login into azure vms Pricing: Run Command Lets use […]

Jenkins Project In Jenkins the traditional way of creating project/job is called as Free Style The Free Style Jenkins Job Contains the following sections General Basic information about project Source Code Management: Section for configuring SCM Build Triggers: Section for configuring when to start the build Build Environment: Has information and options to control workspace […]

Maven contd… The Super POM is maven’s default pom. ALL POMs inherit froma parent or default POM. This Super PM contains values inherited by default mvn help:effective-pom The Sample version on windows system <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Cp1252"?> <!– ====================================================================== –> <!– –> <!– Generated by Maven Help Plugin on 2022-05-12T08:12:04+05:30 –> <!– See: –> <!– […]

Load Balancing Lets create an aws ec2 autoscaling group Load Balancers perform health checks to ensure that they forward traffic to ec2 instances in ASG where the application is up. So, we need to configure health checks which will inform load balancer to forward traffic to particular ec2 instance or not Now lets create a […]

Building Java Code with Maven Maven is a software project management tool (build, dependency management tool) This is based on the concept of project object model (POM) Maven provides build test reports documentation releases Maven follows convention over configuration Item Default source code ${basedir}/src/main/java Resources ${basedir}/src/main/resources Tests ${basedir}/src/test Compile byte code ${basedir}/target/classes distributable (jar/war) ${basedir}/target […]

Azure Load Balancing with Application Gateway Azure Application Gateway is a Layer 7 load balancer and is aware of HTTP protocol, so Path Based Routing is possible Create a vmss with autoscaling enabled. Create an azure application gateway Now lets navigate to vmss Azure Multi Region Routing Azure Traffic Manager can route traffic to multiple […]

Autoscaling With elasticity Autoscaling with dynamically increasing/decreasing the number of ec2 instances based on any ec2 metric Lets create an autoscaling group from launch template Now lets understand automatic scaling Dynamic Scaling Target Tracking: metric target value to be maintained by aws ec2 autoscaling group Step Scaling: You need to mention at what metric level […]