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Azure Migration Contd When using ssh-keys azure appliance expects the pem file to have CRLF line endings . To set this open file in vi editor and type :set textmode and save the file. This was reason for failure of credentials validation. Now we have started discovery Now create assessment After assesment report with positive […]

AWS migration contd We are continuing on migration, we need to wait for initial sync to complete and then start replication Watch classroom video for more information. Last state at the end of session

Ansible contd Ansible Handlers Handlers: Refer Here Refer Here for the changes with handlers included Info.php copying step changed i.e. copied the file to meet desired state so restart executed Info.pyhp copying step was ok i.e. desired state is met so task did nothing, so restart not executed Inventory Inventory in Ansible represents the hosts […]

Ansible contd.. Activity 2: Installing lamp server on ubuntu Note: we will skip mysql installation for now Manual steps are sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 -y sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql -y # Create a file called as /var/www/html/info.php with below content # <?php phpinfo(); ?> sudo -i echo ‘<?php phpinfo(); ?>’ […]

AWS Migration P2V Refer Here for the docs Refer Here for the first time setup guide Steps Create a user with AWSApplicationMigrationAgentInstallationPolicy policy Now follow the instructions as mentioned in the page We will continue from the state where initial sync is complete.

Azure Migrate P2V migration Azure Site Recovery: Azure Site Recovery is a managed service for BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ). This service can create replications for vms, databases and storage (many other services included) Few years ago the migration was done by Azure site Recovery and then Azure has came up with Azure […]

Ansible Ansible can communicate with nodes by using two approaches adhoc commands: We build a command for desired state playbook: We create a file where we express desired state This is recommended approach for repetitive activites Playbook We have taken a sample playbook — – name: hello ansible hosts: all become: yes tasks: – name: […]

Source Environment Prepartion For this activity we will be installing nop commerce overview of architecture Create two Azure ubuntu linux vms of size standard_b1s AWS ubuntu linux instances of size t2.micro or t3.micro Consider one vm to be database server and install mysql Steps: Refer Here sudo apt update sudo apt install mysql-server sudo mysql […]

Migration Steps In AWS We are going to perform P2V V2V Simulating On-premises Since we dont have physical infra, we will be simulating this on cloud (AWS/Azure) Migration Steps Migration workflow Refer Here Migration limits Refer Here Supported OS Refer Here Steps