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Lets Import the Sample Database in the SQL Server Launch SQL Server Management Studio Dowload a Sample Server Backup of Adventure Works for 2019 Refer Here Restore Backup Database Migration Approaches Offline Migration: You take the backup of existing database to some file Take downtime for your databases (so that there are no further changes.) […]

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) AWS DMS is a cloud service that makes it easy to migrate relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL databases. Using AWS DMS, we can perform one-time migration or replicate ongoing changes to keep sources and targets in sync If you want to migrate to a different database engine, AWS provides AWS […]

Azure Landing Zone Azure landing Zones are the output of multi subscription Azure environment that accounts for scale, security, governance, networking and identity. Azure Management Groups Azure Management Groups make it easier to manage multiple subscriptions Refer Here for the official docs Now lets try to Migrate We will start the migration with databases Ideal […]

Database Migration using AWS Database Migration Service In the previous session we have create a vm and installed the mysql db We have the following users in mysql database select user from mysql.user; * To do the the migration we need some database to be present with tables and records in mysql * Lets configure […]

Containers For long time, big web-scale organizations like Google have been using container technologies to overcome the shortcomings of VM Model Containers on the single host share the host OS Linux Containers Containers in Linux are supported natively but creating containers remained complex and out of reach for most of the organizations. Docker came along […]

Migration Lab Setup Since we don’t have on-premises we will be simulating the on-premise To Simulate On-premise Database: We will create a VM in any cloud (AWS/Azure) Install Database Management System Import some sample data into database Now we will setup the migration to AWS using Database Migration Service where our target will be AWS […]

Application Deployment Options We can deploy our application on Physical Server Virtual Machine Containers Physical Server vs Virtual Machine vs Containers Overview By experimenting we have understood, Container has everything which makes applications believe that they are runnign in OS CPU RAM network filesytem any other required stuff

Cloud Adoption Framework Cloud Adoption Framework is the set of designed guidelines for enterprises to Adopt to Microsoft Azure. Refer Here for the official documentation Cloud Adoption Framwork defines set of processes & Materials required for the cloud Adoption Journey. Possible Application Adoption options How deos Azure Work? Refer Here for exploring the server room […]

Scenario: Migration Lets assume that organization LT Corp Wants to start using AWS. They have existing infrastructure which they use to run the applications The basic idea of LT Corp is to move all of the applications to the AWS. Execution Plan From 10,000 Feet In AWS, we have a Service called as Server Migration […]