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Activity Create an AMI with Jenkins Master: Create an ssh-keypair (ssh-keygen) Create an AMI with JDK 11 installed which will be node Create an AMI with node version manager installed which will be node All the masters and nodes should have a user called as jenkins Now create Auto Scaling Group For Jenkins master with […]

Virtual Machine Scale Sets Continued Auto Scaling: Auto scaling is a feature of VMSS where the instance count is set dynamically based on some metric. Auto scaling will not scale out more than maximum number of instances set and will not scale in less than minimum number of instances. In this case we have used […]

Scenario: Handling New Releases with ASG Autoscaling group with fixed/dynamic is running Now create a new AMI with one extra file echo "<h1> Version 2 </h1>" > /var/www/html/version.html * Lets look at Launch Template * Refer Here for an approach by using instance refresh

Jenkins Parameters Jenkins Parameters helps in getting additional information during the build. User can pass options Lets create a choice parameter in freestyle project Lets acheive the same in the Declarative Pipeline Refer Here for the declarative pipeline Refer Here for the parameter documentation Refer Here for the changes done to include parameters Now lets […]

Fixed Scaling with VMSS Steps to be followed Create a VM Image in Azure Compute Gallery with phpinfo and stress. Commands: sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 stress -y sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql -y echo “<?php phpinfo(); ?>” > info.php sudo cp info.php /var/www/html/info.php We have the done the above steps in […]

Jenkins 2.0 Jenkins 2.0 Was a release to include pipeline as a code. Earlier Jenkins released Scripted Pipelines and then Declarative Pipelines. Scripted Pipeline: This is groovy language which we use in the scripted pipeline This is extreemly customizable Declarative Pipeline: This has jenkins DSL (Domain Specific Language) which is developed in groovy This is […]

AWS Auto Scaling Group Continued Impact of parallel connections to a server. As users create parallel/concurrent connections (session) the load on cpu increases. In this lets try doing this, increase number of ec2 instances by 1 when average cpu utilization for last 5 minutes > 70 decrease number of ec2 instances by 1 when average […]

Availability Options for Virtual Machines in Azure Options: Availability Set: This has Fault Domain: represents rack on the Datacenter Update Domain: represents combination of vms required to be running so that the updates dont impact your application. Zone Based: This is applicable to the locations with zones. This will create redundant vms in different zones. […]

Jenkins Contd Triggering Jenkins Job on every new commit In Build Triggers, we have an option to poll scm where jenkins watches your source code repository (git) for the new changes i.e. commit in git. While using poll scm we use CRON Syntax to configure how frequently jenkins will poll SCM for changes Scenario 1: […]