DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Dec/2020

LT-Hospital Management System (lthms)

  • Learning Thoughts Organization has a product lt-Hospital Management System
  • Customers of lthms are
    • Appollo
    • Manipal
    • Fortis Preview
  • The following modules are available in lthms
    • Medical Record System (MRS)
    • Radialogy information System
    • Diagnostics
    • Pharmacy
    • Ambulance
    • CRM
    • Business Intelligence
    • Emergency Care
  • The deployment model is hospitals will have central-datacenter and a datacenter at every branch Preview
  • Users of this application are
    • Doctors
    • Nurses
    • Radiologists
    • Managemnt
    • IT-admins Preview
  • Learning Thoughts is adding a new module for Patient Care, Where Patients can install an app and look at their reports, book appointments, pay bills etc and along with this they new set of features
    • Radiology improvements
    • Inventory Management
    • and many more lined up
  • Now Learning Thoughts has to deploy the features to branch datacenters and also central data center.
  • How can this deployment be made so that there is zero or minimum downtime. Also lt-hms will have lot of features to be deployed.
  • The other approach is design how frequently to deploy features to hospital
  • Lets understand Learning Thoughts team Preview
  • Now, lets try to answer some questions


  • Is it better to give huge release once in six months or a small release for every 15 days?
    • Once in six months will be easier to manage, but think of competitors. LT team Stella has decided that they will be following agile (Scrum), So customers get to know new set of features in the scrum demo every 15 days and then they will be deployed
    • So Smaller more frequent releases are chosen
  • Can learning thoughts promise zero downtime deployment?
    • Zero downtime deployment is a myth. It is better to measure downtime. LT can make predictable numbers like 99.99% uptime.
    • So Stella has a fixed time period in a year where application can be down.
  • Which Strategy is to be used to deploy application?
    • Recreate
    • Ramped or Rolling updates
    • Blue-green
    • Canary
    • A/B Testing
    • Shadow
  • Note: In next series we will look into application deployment strategies
  • Does stella need a DevOps approach?
    • Yes, as stella has agreed for small frequent release, DevOps is must.
  • How should steve Design DevOps Approach?
    • Unfortunately there is no implementation details defined in DevOps
    • But Steve has came across a approach with implementation details which consistes of how Google does DevOps
  • So Steve, Has a reference. So we will be looking into that reference which steve has?
  • By the way, How Google does DevOps is also called as Site Reliability Engineering

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