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DevOps Content:

  1. Nagios – Installation Click Here
  2. Nagios – Introduction Click Here
  3. Elastic Stack – Introduction and Core Concepts Click Here
  4. Elastic Search API and Loading Data into Kibana Click Here
  5. Site Reliability Engineering Overview Click Here
  6. Chef Overview: Click Here
  7. Introduction of Chef: Click Here
  8. Chef Work Station: Click Here 
  9. Chef Node Creation: Click Here 
  10. Chef Server Installation: Click Here
  11. Chef Environment Setup: Click Here 
  12. Chef Environment & Roles: Click Here 
  13. Attributes: Click Here
  14. Data Bag: Click Here
  15. GIT Fundamentals:  Click Here
  16. JENKINS Material: Click Here
  17. JENKINS Installation & Simple Job Configuration : Click Here
  18. JENKINS Email Configuration: Click Here  
  19. Artifactory Configuration: Click Here
  20. Maven : Click Here
  21. Jenkins API & Git Hooks: Click Here
  22. Jenkins and MSBuild Integration: Click Here (External article)
  23. Puppet Guide: Click Here
  24. Puppet Code Manager: Click Here
  25. Code Commit: Click Here
  26. Code Pipeline: Click Here
  27. Code Deploy: Click Here
  28. Ansible Introduction: Click Here
  29. Ansible Overview: Click Here
  30. Ansible Installation: Click Here
  31. YAML Introduction: Click Here 
  32. Ansible Automation: Click Here
  33. Ad-Hoc Commands: Click Here
  34. Static – Dynamic Inventories: Click Here
  35. Redhat Ansible Automation: Click Here
  36. Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash & Beats-Old: Click Here
  37. Packer Introduction : Click Here 
  38. Terraform: Click Here 
  39. Terraform Backends Click Here
  40. Terraform Workspaces Click Here
  41. Test Kitchen on Amazon AWS: Click Here
  42. Test Kitchen on Azure: Click Here
  43. Nagios on Ubuntu: Click Here 
  44. SonarQube Installation and Configuration: Click Here
  45. Vagrant Quick Read Click Here
  46. Git Flow Click Here
  47. Installing Specific Version of Jenkins on Ubuntu Click Here
  48. Python Introduction Click Here
  49. Azure DevOps Introduction Click Here
  50. Azure DevOps Contd Click Here

Docker, Kubernetes and Open-shift Series

  1. Docker Introduction: Click Here
  2. Docker Installation  Click Here
  3. Docker CLI Updates Click Here
  4. Docker Images, Registry and Containers Click Here
  5. Docker Internals Click Here
  6. Docker Image Creation and Docker Image Layers Click Here
  7. Image Layers impact on Docker Containers & Storage Drivers Click Here
  8. Docker Volumes Click Here
  9. Docker Networking Series-I Click Here
  10. Docker Swarm: Click Here
  11. Docker Networking Series- II Click Here
  12. Docker Logging and Memory, CPU Restrictions Click Here
  13. Kubernetes Introduction Click Here
  14. Kubernetes Master and Node Components Click Here
  15. Kubeadm Installation Click Here
  16. Introduction to Kubernetes APIs and Objects Click Here
  17. Replication Controllers Click Here
  18. Writing Manifests for Kubernetes Click Here
  19. Labels, Selectors and Annotations Click Here
  20. Journey of Application from Docker To Kubernetes Click Here

Linux Series

  1. Kernel and other info Click Here