Docker Networking Series – I

Linux Networking Fundamentals

  • Docker networking uses the kernel’s networking stack to create high level networking feature of Docker
  • Docker Networking is Linux Networking
  • Also refer OSI Networking Model over here

Building Blocks

Linux Bridge

  • This is layer 2 device with virtual implementation of physical switch inside Linux Kernel
  • Forwards the traffic based on MAC address by inspecting traffic.

Network Namespace

  • Isolated network stack in kernel with its own interfaces, routes & firewall rules

Virtual Ethernet Devices or veth

  • Linux networking interface that acts as connecting wire between two two network namespaces


  • Generic table structure that defines rules & commands as part of the netfilter framework.

Docker Networking Architecture

  • Docker Networking Architecture is based on Container Networking Model.


note: Image from Docker

CNM Constructs – Sandbox

  • Contains the configuration of the containers network stack.
  • Includes routing tables, container’s interfaces, DNS setting etc.
  • Sample implementation could be Linux Network Namespace or any other similar concept.

CNM Constructs – Endpoint

  • Joins sandbox to the Network.
  • This abstracts actual connection to the network away from application.
  • Maintains portability for applications, so that they can use different network drivers

CNM Constructs – Network

  • Collection of endpoints having connectivity b/w themselves

CNM Driver Interfaces

  • CNM provides two pluggable & open interfaces to leverage additional functionality and control in the network
    • Network Drivers
    • IPAM Drivers Preview

Docker Native Network Drivers

  • Host
    • Container uses the networking stack of the host.
  • Bridge
    • Creates a bridge on the host that is managed by Docker.
    • All containers on Bridge Driver can communicate among themselves
    • Default Driver
  • Overlay
    • Used for multi-host networks.
    • uses local linux bridges & VXLAN to overlay container-to-container networking
    • uses Linux MACVLAN bridge to establish connection b/w container interfaces & parent host interfaces
    • MAC address can be attached to each container
  • None

Docker Networking Scopes

  • Local: provides connectivity within host
  • Swarm: provides connectivity across swarm cluster


Host Network Driver

  • In host network driver all the containers are in same network namespace(sandbox)


Bridge Network Driver

Default Bridge Network Driver


User-Defined Bridge Networks


note: All the images are picked from Docker Documentations

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