Ansible Contd Installing tomcat on Redhat instances Installing in redhat requires exactly same steps post java installation Lets reuse using roles Refer Here Refer Here for role with tomcat 10 Refer Here and a playbook calling this role Refer Here Role for installing phpinfo page Refer Here for the changes Lets use a role to […]

Database Migration Azure has Database migration services to perform Database Migrations. Database migrations can be perfomed offline: Taking a backup (Export) Import the data into cloud (Restore) online: Connected transfer Azure Database migration by default supports Microsoft sql server and for other database we need to register an extra provider Migrating mysql to Azure SQL […]

Ansible Contd Lets try to install tomcat without using package manager Refer Here for manual steps for installing tomcat 10 on ubuntu 22.04 Installing java 11 on ubuntu Refer Here for the changes done Add user and group create Refer Here for the changes Downloading tomcat into temp directory Refer Here for changes Refer Here […]

Storage Migration AWS supports two types of storage migrations Online: Snowball edge: Storage Gateway with local tape gateway, file gateway and volume gateway Offline: To perform offline transfers we have AWS Snow Family devices Snowcone Snowball Snowmobile Modernization After workloads are migrated to AWS, we can modernize them to Cloud Native Architectures Popular options Microservices […]

Azure migration Services Installing the Mobility Service Refer Here Added mobility service to Config Server Connection Start Replication Wait for replication to finish Run Test migration Complete Test migration Stop Replication and Migrate

AWS Database Migration Service Database Migration overview We will be migrating from on-prem mysql to aws rds for mysql Lets create an aws rds for mysql Lets create replication instances Lets create a migration task Wait the migration to be complete For screenshots refer classroom video

Ansible contd.. Ansible variables Refer Here for the official docs on variables Refer Here for the changeset containing two variables one at inventory and other a playbook variable Lets use a generic package manager package Refer Here Refer Here for the changeset where we used package instead of apt/yum for install apache Refer Here for […]

Ansible contd Facts ansible collects information about the node on which it is executing by the help of module called as setup Ansible playbook by default collects information about nodes where it is executing, we can use this with the help of variables Collecting information can be disabled as well — – name: do something […]