Git Submodules Git submodules help hosting one repository in another Refer Here Lets try to add into the repo Refer Here the frontend Refer Here and the backend Refer Here Git Hooks Refer Here for hooks In Git we have two types of hooks Client side hooks Server side hooks Refer Here for some popular […]

Azure Functions Plans: Refer Here Consumption Premium App Service Plan Refer Here for functions overview Ensure the Azure Functions Extension is installed in vscode Refer Here for python example. Workshop Items

Sonar Qube integration with Jenkins Refer Here for the sonar qube documentation on scanning For sonar qube docs to integrate with jenkins Refer Here and Refer Here for Azure DevOps We have added a Sonar Scanner plugin into jenkins. Then configure sonar cloud after adding token to credentials. While building the project we have added […]

AWS Serverless Contd AWS Lambda is service offered by AWS which is Function as a service For screenshots refer classroom video Boto3 Refer Here AWS Secrets Manager AWS has a service for storing sensitive information Secrets manager stores sensitive information which can be accessed via AWS SDK (boto3) All sensitive information will be in secrets […]

Azure PaaS – Azure App Services Pricing Plans in Azure App Service: Refer Here App service with datbase Refer Here Create a key vault in a new resource group. Appservices can access key vault for secrets Refer Here Authentication: From Azure AD or any external Identity provider Database: Connection string Environment variable settings file Sensitive: […]

AWS Route 53 to Load Balancer to ASG overview Compute Options = Elastic BeanStalk Refer Here for official docs AWS AppRunner Apprunner allows to run web applications in a platform primarly around containers. Applications can be deployed from public or private ecr repositories. Applications can also be deployed from github or bitbucket repositories with build […]

Dotnet build Ensure dotnet 7 is installed Manual build steps git clone cd nopCommerceNov23/src dotnet build -c Release src/NopCommerce.sln dotnet publish -c Release src/Presentation/Nop.Web/Nop.Web.csproj -o "./published" Refer Here for the Jenkinsfile Sonar account Create an account in sonar cloud Refer Here Login with your GitHub account. Jfrog Cloud Account Create an account in Jfrog […]

Azure VMSS with Load balancer and DNS Zone We have create a vmss with apache server and a load balancer. Now lets add a DNS record into the zone which we created in last session Refer Here Azure App Services Refer Here for official docs Refer Here for a sample deployment

Configuring Domain for loadbalancer Ensure you have a domain name Understand record types Refer Here Route 53 is DNS as a service. We have purchased a new domain an configured the nameservers We have also added A record to point to load balancer New domain nameservers update takes 24 hours, so lets navigate them […]