Azure DevOps This is a suite of Products by microsoft and opensources to manage the lifecylcle of the application Azure DevOps has features for Project Management with Agile Product Backlogs Sprint Backlogs Defect Management Release Management Test Case Management For Documentations wiki is supported For CI/CD it has Pipelines (in yaml format) For Storing Package […]

Sonarqube Contd Refer Here for jenkins integration with sonar qube Refer Here for jenkins integration with sonar cloud For the Jenkinsfile for the sonarqube project Refer Here Multi-Branch Pipelines Consider the following repo, where we have 3 branches which reflect 3 different environments with 3 different Jenkinsfile i.e pipeline steps Jenkins has multi branch pipeline […]

Artifactory/JFROG Configuration Configuring Artifactory Settings in Jenkins Navigate to Configure Sytem => JFROG Now Lets create a maven project for spring petclinic. For configuration refer previous classroom screenshots Declarative Pipeline for doing the same Refer Here Scripted Pipeline for jenkins Refer Here Refer Here for the repo maintained by jfrog to work with multiple technologies […]

Immutable Infrastructure Changes in the Infra are not allowed directly. Any changes required have to be done by provisioning i.e. create a new image for VMSS (Azure)/ASG (AWS) The creation of Images in cloud is manual so far (what we have learn). If we automate the Image creation and if it is triggered by ci/cd […]

YAML This is data representation format This is used to represent data in the name-value pairs Sample YAML — title: PS1 release-date: 30/09/2022 languages: – tamil – telugu – kannada – hindi – malyalam budget: 400 director: maniratnam cast: xxx: vikram xxy: karthi Json also is the data representation format { "title": "PS1", "release-date": "30/09/2022", […]

Jenkins Integration With SonarQube Jenkins Integration with JFrog/Artifactory Create a free account which lasts for 14 days Setup a Maven repository with default settings and create an access token For integration of Jenkins and artifactory Refer Here The artifactory plugin installed is expecting JDK 8 and mvn deploy with manually configuring settings.xml is failed while […]

Automatic VMSS Upgrade Create a VMSS with Image definition set to latest. If you have create a image definition with any specific version in VMSS OS=> Change Image Reference Now open cloud shell and execute CLI/Powershell Command Update-AzVmss -ResourceGroupName "<rg -name >" -VMScaleSetName "<vmss name>" -AutomaticOSUpgrade $true # or az vmss update –name "<vmss name>" […]

Operations on EC2 instances Possible list of operations on EC2 instances OS updates Login into EC2 and fix/trouble shoot Starting/Stopping ec2 instances on Some Schedule Lab Setup: Let me create two ec2 instances While creating ec2 instances i will add the tag Environment = Dev, Project = QTLearning Now performing common administrative tasks on multiple […]

Updates to the Custom Image in VMSS Generally for any application i.e. hosted, we would have new releases and important os updates to be patched. If we use Azure Compute Gallery, we can create a new version to the existing image definition and update the vmss Lets create a new vm based on existing version […]