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AWS IAM Conditions Activity 6: Create an IAM Policy to allow user to terminate instance if the type is t2.micro Action: ec2:TerminateInstances Refer Here for the policy created. Activity 7: Allow user to Create ec2 instance if the type is t2.micro and region is mumbai Refer the policy below { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { […]

Terraform contd AWS – ntier Expectation Manual steps To access outputs i.e. attributes of a resource syntax is <resoure_type>.<name>.<atrribute-name> Refer Here for the changes done To create multiple resources Refer Here Lets apply the count for subnet creation Refer Here for changes Lets start using terraform functions to make further improvements using terraform functions Refer […]

AAD Contd… Azure Interfaces To interact with Azure we have 3 popular interfaces Portal Command Line: Azure CLI Azure Powershell SDK: By Programming languages REST API Azure CLI This is a simple command line tool which is cross platform and works from anywhere Installation Refer Here To Sign in Refer Here To sign in az […]

Azure Compute Workshop Context For every activity possible, lets try to acheive using Azure CLI and Azure Powershell Activity 1: Stop the VMs With Tag Env: Dev Lab Setup: Create 3 vms in Azure (free tier) Apply Tag Env=Dev for node1 Env=QA for node2 Env=UAT for node3 First Version: The changes done are Refer Here […]

Activity 4: Create an IAM Policy to Start and Stop Ec2 instances Create an IAM Policy to Start and Stop Ec2 instances, if the ec2 instance is in ap-south-1 region and in other regions only give read permissions Every resource created in AWS will have unique ARN ARN for EC2 arn:${Partition}:ec2:${Region}:${Account}:instance/${InstanceId} To fill this Refer […]

Terraform Contd Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) for Terraform For Specification Refer Here Provider Refer Here The terraform block helps in configuring the provider with version of the provider from registry Refer Here Specify which version of terraform you should be using use required_version. To specify constraints Refer Here Refer Here for changes Parametrizing Terraform Input […]

Azure Custom Roles Contd… Azure Custom Roles can be added via Azure Portal Azure CLI Azure Powershell Creating a Azure role via Portal Refer Here for the steps Prep: Create a user for testing access The structure of json if we are creating roles from portal is different Refer Here { "properties": { "roleName": "", […]

Compute – Workshop Areas of Focus Automation Administration Activity 1: Shutdown all instances which have tag Env=QA Setup: Create 3 ec2 instances of free tier and provide tags Machine 1: Env: QA Machine 2: Env: Dev Machine 3: Env: UAT Refer Here for the cli with script Improvement 1: This script was failing if there […]

Writing IAM Policy Refer Here for IAM Policy Grammar Prinicipal: This represents user Resource: This represents a resoruce (ARN) action: This defines the activities that can be done on resource effect: Allow or Deny Condition: Execute the permission based on some condition Activity1: Create a custom IAM Policy to Start and Stop EC2 instances Lets […]

Terraform contd.. Activity: Create virtual network in Azure Manual Steps: Create resource group Create a VNET with cidr range Writing template for the above in terraform Terraform takes the folder as input and reads all the .tf files and while validating,applying or destroying tries to treat all fo the .tf files as one file. […]