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Configuring Domain for loadbalancer Ensure you have a domain name Understand record types Refer Here Route 53 is DNS as a service. We have purchased a new domain an configured the nameservers We have also added A record to point to load balancer New domain nameservers update takes 24 hours, so lets navigate them […]

Declarative Pipelines Pipeline Syntax: Refer Here Pipeline steps reference Refer Here Archive the artifacts and junit only when mvn is success Refer Here for the changes done and Refer Here for the post section and Refer Here for mail Usermanagement in Jenkins Navigate to Manage Jenkins => Security Jenkins can manage users from LDAP (Active […]

Azure vmss contd To update the image to latest version we have 3 options os upgrade (manual) reimage (manual) set auto update az vmss update –name carvilla –resource-group vmssdemo –set UpgradePolicy.AutomaticOSUpgradePolicy.EnableAutomaticOSUpgrade=true Ideal steps: Create a vm image from compute gallery Create a vmss with automatic updates or rolling updates Set the cli as shown above […]

Scaling Options in Autoscaling groups Target tracking policy Step Scaling Simple Scaling Predictive Scaling Scheduled scaling Refer Here for scaling policies & Refer Here for predictive scaling Automatic Deployments: Autoscaling groups can be configured for automatic upgrades or manual. For Automatic AWS uses Rolling updates Refer Here Lets create a deployment based on makaan with […]

Pipeline as Code This approach is defining steps required for building CI/CD expressed as a code in version control system. Advantages: Changes done in pipeline over a period of time will have history in git. Per branch i can different build steps It also allows to create reusability Jenkins started doing Pipeline as code with […]

Azure Virtual Machine Scale sets Orchestration Modes in Azure VMSS Uniform: All the vms will have same sizes Supports zero down time deployments Flexible The sizes can be customized per vm Still upgrade support is not added. Deployment options: (Upgrade Policy) Manual Automatic Upgrade Scaling Policies Manual scaling Metric Based Scaling: we define some metric […]

Jenkins contd Configuring email notifications in jenkins Manage Jenkins => System => Email Notification use mailtrap details with tls enabled on port 587 and test configuration Environment variables in jenkins Jenkins master injects environmetal variables with information about various aspects such as GIT DETAILS BUILD DETAILS WORKSPACE DETAILS Navigate below for the whole list JENKINS_HOME=/var/lib/jenkins […]

Autoscaling group Refer Here for creating auto scaling group Auto scaling groups helps in scaling ec2 instances horizontally. There are two types of scaling Fixed Scaling: always maintains the desired count Auto Scaling: will have minimum maximum desired In Auto scaling the desired count can be set automatically based on Metrics. Auto scaling groups require […]

Azure Virtual Machine Scaleset (VMSS) Virtual machine scaleset allows to perform automatic horizontal scaling based on metrics such as cpu, network, memory or even custom metrics To Create a virtual machine scaleset we need a image. Here we have two choices, use OS image Custom image with application preinstalled Using Custom image is widely adopted […]

Configuring Maven in Jenkins To install maven in jenkins there are two approaches Using Jenkins: Avoid this approach installing maven and configuring in jenkins: This is better approach To install softwares we need sudo permissions. Lets give sudo permissions to the jenkins user as we are installing maven on jenkins master node Execute sudo visudo […]