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AWS CLI AWS CLI can be executed from AWS Cloud Shell Installing AWS CLI Refer Here If you instal aws cli then you need to configure credentials. Refer Here to create credentials and configure credentials Refer Here for the ec2 cli docs Lets find the key pairs Refer Here list all the key pairs Refer […]

Azure CLI Installing Azure CLI Refer Here Azure CLI and Azure Powershell can be executed from azure cloud shell azure cli commands usage is simple Refer Here az <service> <command> [<arguments>] Setup for working with Azure CLI, Lets configure Visual Studio Code, Ensure Azure CLI tools extension is installed Any cli command will give the […]

AWS Databases contd Single Region: Single Database with Read Replica Multi Region: Single Database with Read Replica in other region Multi-AZ RDS deployment Multi AZ generally as a Master instance and one or more standby instances Multi AZ is generally preferred for production environments Create the multiaz db instance as discussed in the class (not […]

Terraform Contd… The two major problems with the terraform configuration code which we have written are secrets are directly written (access key and secret key) for creating subnets we have similar resource definition used multiple times Then the next set of problems are, reason for writing terraform templates are to make the infrastructure as code […]

Storage Account Pricing Refer Here for the pricing calculator Hot-Standard-Block Blob – 10 TB Hot – Standard – Block Blob – Access operations Cool – Standard-Block Blob Cool – Standared – Access Operations Archive – Standard -Block Blob In Addition to this azure gives reservations where you can save more. If you can give the […]

AWS RDS contd …. Lets create a rds instance Refer Here Ensure you have backups for atleast 2 days. Lets create a read replica Now lets login into primary instance and query the data Now lets login into the replica instance and query the data Now lets insert one record in primary instance Lets check […]

Terraform contd The inputs provided to the Resources/Datasources is called as arguments and the outputs are referred as attributes Activity 1: AWS Infrastructure Simple Lets try to create the below infrastructure using terraform Manual Steps Provider = aws Resource = vpc, subnet Lets configure visual studio code to help us with terraform When terraform commands […]

Azure Storage Account contd… Naming Storage Accounts: The storage account name must be unique across all storage account names in Azure The name must be between 3 to 24 characters and can contain only lowercase letters & numbers Replication Options: Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) Geographically redundant storage (GRS) Read access Geographically […]

AWS Relational Databases Login into the AWS Refer Here AWS Supports Relational Databases by a Service called as AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) AWS RDS Supports the following Database Engines mysql postgresql oracle Microsoft SQL Server Lets Navigate to the RDS Lets find out what is free w.r.t RDS Lets create a free tier eligible […]

Installing Terraform Windows: We have two options for installing terraform Chocolatey: Install chocolatey Refer Here Use Chocolatey to install terraform choco install terraform Manually configure terraform Refer Here Mac: Refer Here brew install terraform Working with Terraform Identify the infrastructure you need to create/provision Identify the providers Configure the provider using HCL (Hashicorp Configuration Language) […]