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CNI – Container Network Interface Docker containers for networking have a Standard CNM (Container Network Model) CNI (Container Network Interface) is another standard which also speaks about networking to container run times Refer Here CNI Plugins implement networking functionalities. In the case of k8s Networking is implemented by CNI and we have an option to […]

Scripting vs Programming Scripting We directly execute code and code is interpreted line by line We use scripting to automate or build small utilities Programming Program needs to be compiled. We tend to solve problems/build applications Scripting/Programming Basics Contd Execution of script/program happens line by line Consider the following problem user gives you url as […]

AWS Backup Backup Vault: Storage for the backups Protected Resources: Resources which are enabled for backups Backup Plan: Schedules of when to take backups Jobs: This job executes to create a backup into vault External Resources: Taking backups from non AWS sources Organizations: AWS Organization is collection of AWS accounts for central management Audit Manager. […]

Writing K8s Manifests The only workload which we know is Pod. Pod has container(s) Refer Here for kubernetes api reference K8s 1.25 api reference Refer Here Since we are working with Pod Refer Here Api Version: <group>/<version> Kind: Ensure you follow casing Activity 1 : Let me write a simple pod with one nginx container […]

Azure Backup and Recovery Lets create a Backup Vault Lets have a storage account in eastus with File Shares Blobs Lets create a linux/windows vm Lets add backup items In the same approach we can configure Azure Disk Backup Microsoft Azure recommends us to use backup center Create a Recovery Services Vault

Getting the Job Done by Systems Steps to be followed in our recipes is executed by cpu To remember any value we deal with RAM Any Script/Program which we will be executing will be run by the OS as a process. Each process will have pid, cpu shares and memory When we ask os to […]

AWS S3 CLI Refer Here for high level cli commands List s3 buckets aws s3 ls Create a s3 bucket and upload some objects aws s3 mb s3://qtdec12022 aws s3 ls aws s3 cp one.mp3 s3://qtdec12022 upload some objects in new folder tools aws s3 cp two.mp3 s3://qtdec12022/tools/ aws s3 cp s3://qtdec12022/one.mp3 s3://qtdec12022/tools/one.mp3 Try to […]

Kubeadm installation To fix the error with cri-socket we have used the following command kubeadm init –pod-network-cidr= –cri-socket=unix:///var/run/cri-dockerd.sock * The commands informed by k8s cluster are Your Kubernetes control-plane has initialized successfully! To start using your cluster, you need to run the following as a regular user: mkdir -p $HOME/.kube sudo cp -i /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf $HOME/.kube/config […]

Azure Page Blobs Page Blob is unmanged disk storage. Page Blobs individually donot have iops. IOPS is given to Storage account. Refer Here Azure Data Box Azure Data Box is used to transfer data on-premises to Azure. It supports two broadways offline Data Box => 100 TiB DataBox Disk => 40 TiB Data Box Heavy […]

S3 buckets Object Ownership: ACL (Access Control List) enabled: Can give access to public Access can be modified by using ACL ACL disabled: Can give access by policies Create an s3 bucket with ACL’s enabled Block all public access: enabled by default and it ensures no object is public & cannot be made public Versioning […]