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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Free trail account: Refer Here AWS Account is generally created by some email id and this login/user will be a root account and will have permission on complete account Root account creates other logins for other users which are generally referred as IAM users, The permissions which this user […]

Software Development Life Cycle and Waterfall Model Waterfall Model Requirements: Create a High Level Requirements Document Use Case Diagrams Big Bang Integrations: Integration of applications/components developed individually in the last phases of project This generally ends up with issues & major reason for technical debt’s Continuous Integration: Here we integrate different components of the application […]

Identity in Azure Concepts Service Principal: This is a system/application/user trying for access Authentication and Authorization: Authentication is a process of verifying identity and letting in. Authorization is a process of allowing/denying the access of the prinicpal based on the roles/policies. Azure Account, Subscription and Tenant Azure Account is collection of subscriptions Tenant in Azure […]

Ansible magic variables Refer Here for the official docs of the magic variables Magic variables cannot be set by the user and are set by ansible Lets write a small playbook to display some magic variables. Refer Here for the changeset containing magic variables Connection Variables: These variables can be used to change the way […]

Exercise Create a new vpc with 3 subnets Ensure web subnet is public In the web subnet create two ubuntu servers with public ip and login into the ubuntu servers and install apache2 sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 -y sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql -y sudo -i echo "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" > […]

Load Balancing in Azure Azure has two types of Load Balancers Azure Load Balancer: This is layer 4 load balancer Azure Application Gateway: This is Layer 7 Load balancer Load Balancers in Azure can be private/internal i.e. they can be accessed only within VNET and public/external load balancers where a public ip is assigned to […]

Reusable Assets in Ansible Ansible playbooks can be reused directly import_playbook module Refer Here include_playbook module Refer Here Import vs Include: Refer Here Skipping or including only certain tasks in the playbook can be done by tags Refer Here Refer Here for the playbook with tags Run the playbook Ansible Roles and Collections Ansible hosts […]

Hybrid Connections between On-premises and AWS VPC Overview of Site to Site VPN Connections Components VPC On-premises Customer Gateway: This is vpn server on-premises with static public ip address Virtual Private Gateway: This is a managed vpn server by aws in our vpc to establish Site to Site VPN Connections with on-premises network Use-Cases: For […]

Hybrid Connections in Azure Site to Site VPN Connection High level overview Compatible VPN Devices Refer Here For the purposes of simulating on-premises i will be creating a virtual network in AWS Create a vnet with some subnets. Now create a VPN Gateway Refer Here Now lets create a vpn connection between on-premises and Azure […]

AWS Networking from CLI Activity 2: Use AWS CLI Create a network in mumbai region with one subnet and make it public Create a network in oregon region with one subnet and make it private Create a vpc peering connection between two vpcs Refer Here for the AWS CLI Commands to create a vpc between […]