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Create a Nested Virtualization Supported Hyper V on Azure Lets create a nested virtualization supported VM on Azure to simulate On-prem Hyperv Create a Resource Group Now create a Windows 2016 Datacenter Gen1 VM in the created Resource group Create a NSG(like aws security and open all ports) Once the VM is created, Configure DNS […]

Docker Architecture Refer Here for the Docker internals. Overtime, the Docker daemon became problematic as Docker Daemon was a huge monolith. Docker had to refactor the Docker Daemon and at the same time OCI initiative had started. The basic idea of new Docker was to implement as shown below The actual implementation looks as shown […]

Server Migrations Using Azure Server Migration Expectation To perform Server Migrations, Azure has Azure Migrate which provides a central hub to assess and migrate on-premises servers, infrastrucutre and data to Azure Azure Migrate also allows us to work with Native Azure Migration ISV (Independent Service Vendor) => Third Party Azure Migration has basically two steps […]

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) Note: AWS is discontinuing this service as of March 2022 and is recomending to use AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) as the primary migration service fro lift and sshift migrations Using AWS SMS we can migrate from VMWare VSphere Hyper-V Azure Using AWS Migration Service we can migrate applications […]

How Docker containers Work Refer Here to understand how containers work To Make contianers work linux uses Isolations are created using kernel feature called as Namespace Resource limits are applied using kernel feature called as cgroups Docker Engine (Earlier Versions) In ther earlier versions Docker used to rely on lxc to create container. LXC was […]

Migration to Azure SQL Managed Instance In Azure SQL Server is offerred in two more ways SQL Managed Instance: This provides native VNET Integration This supports almost all (near 100%) compatibility with latest SQL Server (Enterprise Edition) Features like Linked Server, SQL Agent, SQL Server Auditing, SQL Data Sync, DB Mail are supported by SQL […]

Actvity: Migrating PostgreSQL to AWS RDS Lets create an ec2 instance with size db.t2.micro and ubuntu 20.04 Install the PostgreSQL Database on ubuntu 20.04 To change the bind address sudo find / -name "postgresql.conf" Change the listen_address to ‘*’ from ‘localhost’ in location /etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf To connect the postgres from your local system either download pgadmin […]

Fix for the problem with Database Migration Assistant Create a new user in Azure Active Directory Give this user permissions at subscription level Use this user in Database Migration Assistant Create an assessment report as we did in our last session Then Navigate to Azure Migrate project to look at assessment Refer Here for the […]

Docker Contd To run a container we need an image. Refer Here for the docker hub images Lets try to create one container docker container run ubuntu:focal * We have observed no containers are running. * When we try to look into all the containers we found our container is exited * Now lets try […]

Creating a Replication Instance Now lets create a replication instance which will migrate the database from source to target. Creation of this instance will take few minutes After the Replication instance is created, we need to test the source and target endpoints Migration Types Migration existing data => one time migration Migration existing data & […]