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Activity Commands to get instance ids aws ec2 describe-instances –query “Reservations[].Instances[].InstanceId” tags: aws ec2 describe-instances –query “Reservations[].Instances[].Tags” private ip addresses: aws ec2 describe-instances –query “Reservations[].Instances[].PrivateIpAddress” Apply a tag env=dev to some ec2 instances Sample script written #!/bin/bash function apply_tags_to_all() { # Get all my ec2 instances optional instances=$(aws ec2 describe-instances –query "Reservations[].Instances[].InstanceId" –output text) echo […]

Log Parsing using logstash To use logstash we need to build log pipelines which has 3 essential parts to it inputs: Where we read the data from filter: Transformations to the data outputs: where to redirect the data Logstash has plugins to perform these activities Installtion Refer Here first pipeline input { stdin { } […]

Azure CLI Azure CLI interacts with azure from command line using credentials To use azure command line, we have two ways Azure CLI Azure Powershell Azure CLI installation: Refer Here Common commands Refer Here Azure CLI Cheatsheet Refer Here Using Azure CLI Refer Here Generic Syntax az <service> [<sub-resouce>] <action> [–arg1 value1 .. –argn valuen] […]

Kubernetes Workshop – Part 2 Dockerfile for petclinic Refer Here Dockerfile for nopCommerce Refer Here Refer Here for the manifests to create a deployment of petclinic Activities: Fix the health probe issue Write manifests for nop

Kubernetes Workshop – Part 1 Architecture to acheive Create a Docker image for nopcommerce as petcommerce and upload to any registry Create a Docker image for petclinic Write k8s manifests to create mysql database (Pod, Deployment, Statefulset) have some persistent volume claim service for petcomerce db (internal) petcommerce application deployment manifest A service to connect […]

Helm Charts Refer Here for the sample helm template for nopCommerce with no dynamic values Chart.yaml File: Refer Here for the chart.yaml Packaging helm charts for distribution Developing Templates Helm uses Go text template engine {{ }} these are referred as actions. Anything outside these actions is copied to output Inside actions there are variety […]

AWS CLI AWS can be accessed over Console: This requires username and password (Account Id). This is used from browser by accessing Programmatic Access: This requires secret key and access key. This is used by CLI SDK (Boto3) Every resource created in AWS will have unique ARN (Amazon Resource Name) and Generally aws deals […]

Logging Logging for an application or system or os is where the information about events Refer Here for common log formats Log Levels: Critical Error Debug Info Warning Log time: When did it happened Log Source: Which component is executing this log Message: This describes the log We have understood logging and how it can […]

Types of NoSQL Databases Refer Here for database types & also Refer Here Document Databases: Data gets stored in the form of json documents Engines: Refer Here Key Value Store: This is a highly available key value store databases Column Oriented databases: Refer Here for column oriented Graph Databases: Gremlin, neo4j etc Azure implementation Azure […]