Using Parameters in ARM Templates What is Parameter In ARM Template parameter is the value that is provider which cannot be computed or worked out by azure (eg names of resources) Basic Parameter Syntax Using Parameters To use the Parameters we would use the same example referred in creating basic arm template which is here […]

Terminology Resource: Any thing which you want to provision in your Azure Subscription (eg. VirtualMachines, Virtual Network, Storage Account, Service Fabric etc.) Resource Group: A container that holds resources Refer here Resource Provider: This is responsible for creating and manager resources. There are many resource providers in azure. Refer here Subscription: The Azure account is […]

What is Packer? Packer is a tool to create identical/similar machines for multiple platforms from a single source configuration Installing Packer Official Installation Windows Mac Linux Install unzip: ubuntu RedHat Install Packer: Download latest version from here Set Packer environment Add the following line to /etc/environment at the end of the file Activate the PATH […]

Introduction Vagrant is the command line utility for managing the virtual machines. The following image shows the overview of vagrant. Vagrant Providers Vagrant uses Providers to support managing machines on various virtualization technologies. The most popular providers are Virtual Box VmWare Hyper-V So for experimenting with Vagrant we need to have one of the above […]

Installing SonarQube In this document we would install sonarqube as referred over here  Steps for the installation on ubuntu are add the following line to the file @ /etc/apt/sources.list: deb [trusted=yes]  binary/ The default user name and password is admin. Now navigate to http://<ipaddress>:9000 Once you login with default credentials you will be asked to provide a […]