Linux Series – Kernel – Topic 1

Linux Kernel

kernel is the core computer program which controls the computers devices. This is the first program that is started by bootloaders.

Refer here for an interesting article on Linux Kernel

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Linux Concepts

Points to remember

  1. Every thing in a linux is a file Refer here

Psuedo File Systems

  • Doesn’t exist on physical disk
  • Mounted from RAM when system is running
  • Many psuedo file systems exist. But we would be looking at
    • /proc: has the information of the processes running
    • /sys: has the information of the systems hardware and kernel modules

Linux Kernel Modules

  • Kernel modules are smaller code that can be loaded to kernel without restarting. They extend the functionality of kernel
  • Refer here
  • Useful Commands to lookout for are
    • uname: displays the kernel info
    • lsmod: lists all the kernel modules
    • modinfo: specific module info
    • modprobe: loads or unloads the kernel module

Linux Device Management

  • Refer here
  • Useful Tips about device management
    • /dev: This directory consists of information of all the connected devices
    • udev: is the device manager of linux kernel which helps in hardware info to /dev

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