Introduction to Packer

What is Packer?

Packer is a tool to create identical/similar machines for multiple platforms from a single source configuration

Installing Packer

choco install packer -y
  • Mac
brew install packer
  • Linux
  • Install unzip:


sudo apt-get install unzip


sudo yum install unzip
  • Install Packer: Download latest version from here
# Download packer
# extract packer
unzip -d packer
# move extracted folder to /usr/local
sudo mv packer /usr/local/
  • Set Packer environment Add the following line to /etc/environment at the end of the file
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/packer"

Activate the PATH with

source /etc/environment
  • Check the installation Execute the following command
packer --help

Packer usage in DevOps Pipeline

Packer sample usage

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