Docker Installation


Please follow the instructions as mentioned to install docker on any linux flavor.

Log in to the any available linux machine & execute the following

curl -sSL | sh
sudo service docker start
sudo usermod -aG docker $(id -un)

note: logout and login might be required in some cases


Please go through instructions from here

Windows 10 Professional or Above

Please go through instructions from [here] (

Additional Info

Windows 7 or Windows 10 home editions

For the users you need to install Docker Tool box from here

Windows Server 2016 and later

For the users who need to install docker on Windows Server 2016 which natively supports containers refer here

Checking installation

Once you have finished installation on any of the above mentioned Operating Systems apart from Windows7, open the terminal (Powershell for Windows) and execute the following commands

docker version
docker info

The above mentioned commands should be executed without any issues.

For the Windows 7 or Windows 10 Home based docker installation refer here

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