Azure Account & Subscriptions

Azure Account

  • To use the azure, we would be creating the azure account. An account in azure is tied to
    • Name, email & contact details
    • Billing information
  • So Azure Account is what you use to sign into the Azure Portal

Azure subscription

  • An Azure subscription is a logical container used to provision resources in Microsoft Azure. It holds the details of all your resources like virtual machines, databases, etc.
  • For each account you can have multiple subscriptions. Azure supports the following subscriptions
    • Free
    • Pay-As-You-Go
    • Enterprise Agreement Support
    • Azure for Students for complete list click here
  • you can create multiple subscriptions as shown below Preview

image from microsoft documentation

How does azure authenticate users

  • Authentication for your account is performed using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) note: Azure AD is not same as Windows AD.

  • A tenant is a dedicated, isolated instance of the Azure Active Directory service. When you sign up for a Microsoft cloud service subscription such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Office 365, a dedicated instance of Azure AD is automatically created for your organization/account.

  • Azure AD tenants and subscriptions have a many-to-one trust relationship: A tenant can be associated with multiple Azure subscriptions, but every subscription is associated with only one tenant. This structure allows organizations to manage multiple subscriptions and set security rules across all the resources contained within them. Preview

  • Resources in azure are grouped as resource groups

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