Linux Classroom Series – 13/Aug/2020

Tools we will be using to write bash scripts

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git Bash (Windows) / Terminal (Other Systems)
  • RedHat Family & Ubuntu
  • How to install Refer Here
  • Creating Virtual Machines Refer Here for AWS Azure

Hello World

  • Lets create a new file called as and inside this

echo "Hello World!"
  • Now lets execute the script using bash Preview
  • Generally all the shell scripts will have extensions of .sh
  • What is #!/bin/bash?
    • It is called the shebang
    • It tells the linux system which binary to use to execute the script
    • For example if you were writing python code the shebang might be #!/usr/bin/python3
    • Since we are executing the shell scripts on bash prompt our shebang is #!/bin/bash
  • To execute the program we have used bash command. If i have a shebang which already tells where the executable is still why do i need bash?
  • Remember file permissions in linux (RWX) to execute scripts we need execute permissions, so lets check whats the permission which we have Preview
  • Now lets add execute permissions and run the script Preview


  • When writing scripts, aim to make sure the code is as readable as possible.

  • How to make scripts readable?

    • Comments
    • Verbosity
  • Comments:

    • Comments is nothing more than bit of text explaining what you are doing.
    • In shell the character which we use to denote comments is #
    • So lets add comments
    • Approach 1:
    # Print the text to the terminal
    echo "Hello World!"
    • Approach 2:
    echo "Hello World!" # Print the text to the terminal
    • Its often a good practice to have script header with fields like
      • Author
      • Version
      • Date
      • Description
      • Usage
    • Script headers and Comments make your scripts more professional Preview
  • Verbosity:

    • Verbosity is the balancing act between not too much but also not less explanation.
    • Lets discuss three types of verbosity
      • Verbosity in Comments:
        • Ensure your comments are punctual and smaller.
      • Verbosity in Commands:
        • Try to use long variant in commands as shown in the below example with ls -R & ls --recursive. Both give same results but long variant is readable Preview
      • Verbosity in Command Outputs:
        • Always try to build scripts which take two argument -v/–verbose and -q/–quiet. When user runs your script with verbose parameter give detailed information about what is happening & in other case don’t display anything or display only absolutely required stuff to the terminal.
  • Shell script is a sequence of linux commands that are to be executed in an order.

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