Azure Classroom Series 13/Nov/2019

Azure Account, Subscriptions and Resource Groups


  • Hierarchy is Azure Account can have multiple subscriptions

  • Each Subscription can have multiple Resource Groups

  • Each Resource Group can have multiple Resources

  • Users need to login and create resources, so we need a platform for Identity

  • Each Subscription is linked with only one Azure Active Directory(also referred as tenant) Preview

  • For more info refer here

What is Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Identity Platform.
  • Its not Windows Active Directory Hosted on Azure Cloud.
  • AAD Can give access to
    • Azure
    • Office 365
    • Applications (Mobile)
  • In one simple Statement AAD is Identity as a Service
  • AAD should be able to authenticate users and give then Authorizations. Users can be from
    • Windows Active Directory
    • Any other Directory Services
    • Any other OAUTH Based Identity Provider
    • Many other cases

AAD Major UseCases

  • User Management (Authentication)
  • Permission Management (Authorization/ RBAC )
  • Active Directory Integrations
  • Active Directory Federations
  • Business To Business (B2B)
  • Business To Consumer (B2C)

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