Azure Classroom Series – 09/May/2021

Creating Windows VM in Azure

  • VM Created Preview
  • To login into windows VM we use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which works on 3389 port
  • To connect to windows VM from
    • Windows system use Remote Desktop connection (mstsc)

States and billing of Azure Virtual Machines

  • When we create an Azure VM
    • A disk will be created
    • VM with CPU and RAM resources will be created on a physical server (host)
    • Optionally a public IP address will be created
  • Power states and billing Preview
Power state Description Billing
Starting VM is powering up Not Billed
Running VM is up and running Billed
Stopping Transitional state b/w running & stopped Billed
Stopped VM is shutdown and VM is still leasing the underlying hardware Billed
Deallocating Transitional state b/w running & deallocated Not Billed
Deallocated VM has released the lease of underlying hardware Not Billed
  • Note: This above table applies for charges incurred by VM


  1. Cloud Essentials Refer Here
  2. Installing Azure CLI and PowerShell Refer Here
  3. Json and YAML Format Refer Here

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