Azure Classroomnotes 26/Feb/2022

App Service Deployment => Staging Slots, Custom Domains

  • Dedicated Host plans like standard, premimum and isolated will give more options for an Azure App Service
  • Staging Slots
  • For deploying an azure app we have following options
  • Deploy via FTP
  • Deploy from Git
  • CLI/Powershell
  • Deploying application using Azure CLI in Powershell Terminal
  • Create variable in the Powershell or bash. In the below images i will be using powershell. We use the app service plan, resource group name, web app name (if they are already created use exising names), If the app service is to be create then these variables will be used for creation
  • To create an app service plan and app service
# To create a plan
az appservice plan create `
    --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME `
    --sku F1 `

# To create a web app 
az webapp create `
    --name $APP_SERVICE_NAME `
    --runtime 'PYTHON:3.9' `
    --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME `

  • Now lets configure azure app to use our local git
  • Lets get the credentials to publish our application
  • Lets add this as remote repository and push the changes

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