DevOps Classroomnotes 17/Feb/2022

Elastic Stack Introduction

  • Elastic Stack is a rich ecosystem of components serving as a full search and analytics stack.
  • The main components are
    • Elastic Search
    • Logstash
    • Kibana
    • X-pack

Elastic Search

  • Elastic search is a real-time, distributed search and analytics engine that is horizontally scallable and capable of solving wide variety of use cases.
  • Elastic search has some of the key benefits
    • Schemaless, document-oriented
    • searching
    • Analytics
    • Easy to operate and scale
    • Fault-tolerant
    • Rich client libraries and REST API
  • Elastic Search is the core service of elastic stack with rich set of features.


  • Horizontal Scaling: To meet our desired performance/demand we increase number of instances (physical server, virtual machines etc)
  • Vertical Scaling: Increasing the system resources (RAM, CPU, Storage) is considered as Vertial Scaling
  • Scaling with Replication in the Case of Relational Databases:

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