Azure Classroomnotes 17/Feb/2022

Deploying a python application in Azure virtual machine contd

  • Create a VM
  • Install Necessary softwares
  • Ensure you install all the application dependencies
  • Get your code
  • Run the application
  • Manage the OS updates, Software updates and application updates
  • To Summarize
  • Azure Manages
    • VM Creation
  • We Manage
    • Installing necessary Softwares
    • Installing application depenendencies
    • Updates for OS and Softwares
    • Writing code
    • Deploying the code

Lets try to deploy the Same application on Azure App Service

  • In this case we will try to deploy the azure application to Azure App Service
  • We have created an Azure app service with python 3.8 environment.
  • Code => Environment
  • We Manage
  • Code
  • App Service Plan => pricing & features
  • Azure Manages
  • VM Creation
  • OS updates
  • software updates
  • Installing application dependencies
  • This can be further reduced where you can only write the code & need not worry about servers => Serverless => Azure Functions

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