Azure Classroom Series – 10/May/2020

Creating Resources in Azure


  • Lets add Virtual Machine in the Web Subnet Watch Here as mentioned below Preview

  • Lets create a B1s windows vm image in Web Subnet and Ubuntu 18.04 with size B1s in the app subnet

    • Windows Machine Preview
  • Now Create a Basic DTU Azure SQL Database with private endpoint to db subnet

How About Disaster Recovery Plan and Backup Plan

  • Plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR).
  • Azure has a Service that helps to your Organization BCDR strategy which is called as
    • Azure Site Recovery:
      • Simple BCDR solution: Provides Replication, Failover and failback
      • Azure VM Replications from primary to secondary
      • On-Premise VM Replication
      • Application Consistent Failovers
    • Azure Backup:
      • On-Premise – Backup folders, files
      • Azure VMs
      • Azure File Shares
      • SQL Server in Azure VM’s Preview
  • What can be Replicated
    1. Replicate Azure VMs from one region to another
    2. Replicate Onpremise VMWare, Hyper-V ,Physical Servers to Azure
    3. Replicate AWS Windows instances to Azure
  • Ensure the operatings systems are in support matrix Refer Here

Using Azure Site Recovery Create a BCDR for VMS

  • Proposed Solution: Preview
  • Individual Machine Replications can be enabled as shown below Preview Preview Preview Preview

Using Azure Backup Enable Backup for VM

  • Use Backup option on the Operations Blade for the VM where you want to enable backup Preview Preview

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