Azure Classroom Series – 27/Feb/2020


  • Cmdlets:
    • smallest unit of action in Powershell
    • Cmdlets will be in the form of <verb>-<noun>
    • Examples
    • Get-Command Cmdlet helps in finding the cmdlets available on the system
    • Get-Help Cmdlet is used to find the help
  • Pipe: Like linux/unix pipe is used to send the output of one command to other, but unlike linux/unix in the powershell the objects are transferred

Azure Powershell

  • Refer Here

  • Refer Here for Azure Powershell Installation

  • Lets Get Started with Creating a resource Group

 Get-Command '*-AzResourceGroup'
 Get-Help 'New-AzVirtualNetwork' -Online
  • I’m sharing a simple PS to create and delete Resource group, please add the virtual network with 4 subnets and a network security group

# Create a resource group
$rg = New-AzResourceGroup -Name 'fromps' -Location 'centralus'

# Create a virtual Network
$vnet = New-AzVirtualNetwork -Name 'vnetfromps' -ResourceGroupName $rg.ResourceGroupName -Location $rg.Location -AddressPrefix ''

# Remove Resource Group
Remove-AzResourceGroup -Name $rg.ResourceGroupName -Force

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