Completek8s Classroomnotes 09/Sep/2023


Installation and configuration

  • Cluster Setup (kubeadm/kubespray)
  • Setting up RBAC for a Service Account
  • Setting up RBAC for a User
  • Aggregating RBAC Rules
  • Installing a cluster
  • Upgrading a Cluster Version
  • Backing up & Restoring Etcd


  • Creating and manually scaling a Deployment
  • Creating a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • Rolling out a New Revision for a Deployment
  • Creating a ConfigMap for Literal Vlues
  • Creating a Secret of Type
    • basic authentication
    • From an SSH Private key

Scheduling and Tooling

  • Resource Requirements for a Pod
  • Creating Objects in Declarative Batch Command
  • Transform a Pod to use a Namespace using Kustomize
  • Building a Helm Chart

Services and Networking

  • Creating a Service of Type
    • Cluster Ip
    • Node Port
    • Load Balancer
  • Creating an Ingress
  • Creating a Core DNS Rewrite Rule


  • Creating a Persistent Volume via
    • Static Binding
    • Dynamic Binding


  • Setting up cluster level logging with s Side Car
  • Using the Metrics Server
  • Troubleshooting a

    • Deployment
    • Service
    • Control Plane Node
    • Worker Node
    • Networking
  • Note: Most of this will be acheived in kubeadm and we will use managed k8s on the needy basis

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