DevOps Classroom Notes – 16/Feb/2021

Day builds and Night Builds

  • Day builds are the builds that are configured to give the feedback about the commits submitted by developers during their work hours. In the day builds, we need to configure
    • building the package
    • executing all the unit tests and publishing results
    • publish the code quality report
    • The tests which we run over in the day builds should be minimal and give the feedback whether the system is working correctly or not
    • If the build fails send alert to all the developers w.r.t failure
    • In Some cases for every day build we might also configure System Tests which means creating the environment
    • Failure of day build is normal and we can expect the fix by next build cycle.
  • Example Day build configurations:
    • Build for every change submitted by developer
    • Build for every one hour
  • Night build are the builds that are executed once in a day (in most of the cases) which gives feedback of all the work done by your dev team during the day. In night builds we configure
    • building the package
    • executing all the unit tests
    • executing all the automated tests from QA
    • publish the code quality report
    • Publish the artifact to some repository or a shared folder
    • The tests that should be running over here are extensive to test all the possible features.
    • Build failure over here is critical and it needs to be addressed immedietly.
    • Your customer release will be cutout after a night build and tests & approval from QA
    • Example Night build configurations
      • Build on every weekday at 01:00 AM
  • Lets configure the day build which runs evey hour during the weekdays
  • Lets configure the night build to run the job on every day at 01:00 AM

Jenkins Upstream and Downstream Projects

  • Lets configure the multiple jenkins jobs to run in a sequence Preview Preview Preview Preview

Next Steps

  • Configure Email notifications
  • Understand Jenkins 2 feature
    • Scripted Pipeline
    • Declarative Pipeline
  • Watch first 10 videos Refer Here

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