AWS Classroom Notes – 16/Feb/2021

AWS Server Migration Service contd

  • Lets see the status of our migration jobs
  • Migration jobs will end up in success of failure status
  • If the migration is successful then an AMI-id is created, which we can use to create ec2 instances on cloud
  • If the migration is failure, we need to rework on the failure reason (unsupported kernel versions, network failures), Now make the necessary changes in the source environment and restart the replication using the connector.
  • To understand the VM Ware Migration Steps Refer Here and also the AWS Server Migration Service docs
  • AWS Server Migration Service Refer Here for the official user guide.

Database Migration

  • To simulate on-premise database, lets create a linux vm in any cloud (Azure) and install mysql server Preview
  • Refer Here for the installation steps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mysql-server
sudo mysql_secure_installation

  • To set the new user and remote login follow the classroom video
  • Import the employees table Refer Here Preview
  • In the next session lets use AWS Database Migration service to migrate this database in mysql rds instance.

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