GCP Classroom Series 17/Feb/2021

IP Addresses for Resources in GCP

  • GCP IP Addressing Preview
  • There are two types of IP Addresses
    • Internal Address
      • Assigned from the subnet range using internal DHCP pool
      • IP Addressing can be further classified into
        • Ephemeral : This will still remain even after vm is stoppedd
        • Static Ip Address: Can be assigned to any ip in the subnet range
      • Internal DNS Format is assigned (FQDN): (instance-name).c.(project-id).intenral
    • External Address
      • Assigned to be access from internet
      • IP Addressing can be further classified into
        • Ephemeral: This changes when you stop the vm i.e. the ip address is released and when you start the vm you will get a new external ip address
        • Static Ip Address: We can reserve the Static ip and this will remain the same across vm starts and stops.
      • No default public DNS, need to use DNS Services like Cloud DNS
  • Multiple Network Interface Controllers (NIC):
    • VMs can have exactly one internal and external IP per VPC
    • VM can have multiple network interfaces (one per vpc) with external and internal ip addresses
    • Restrictions:
      • 1 NIC per network
      • Two networks cannot have overlapping subnet ranges
      • Maximum of 8 NICs can be assigned to VM
        • less than or equal to 2 VCPUs = 2 NICS
        • grater than 2 CPUs => 1 NIC per CPU
    • NIC’s can be assigned only during vm creation


  • Create a custom vpc with two subnets
    • name: vpca
    • us-central1 :
    • us-east1:
  • Create a custom vpc with two subnets
    • name: vpcb
    • us-central1 :
    • us-east1: Preview
  • Now lets create a compute engine instance in any of the vpc’s Preview Preview
  • We can continue instance creation but lets add one more network interface from different vpc Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Next Steps:

  • Understanding firewalls
  • Understanding Routes

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