DevOps Classroom Series – 18/Feb/2021

Configuring Email Notifications in Jenkins

  • Lets use the fake smtp server configuration Refer Here
  • Login into mail trap using ur existing google id Preview Preview Preview
  • Now Navigate Jenkins => Manage Jenkins => Configure System => Email notification and send the test email after configuration Preview Preview Preview
  • Configure Extended Email Notification
  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins => Configure System => Extended Email notification Preview
  • Now configure the Editable email notification in the Job Preview Preview

Jenkins Environment variables and Jenkins Build Parameters

  • Create a new free style project and navigate to build section and select Execute shell and now click on list environmental variables in a new tab Preview
  • create a job with set command in execute shell
  • Now lets add one more build step of execute shell and create some functionality
    • copy the logs of jenkins into /tmp Preview
    • To use environmental variables we will be using the syntax of $ENV in linux
    • In the case of Windows environmental variables are used with syntax %ENV%
  • In addition to Environmental variables defined by jenkins system, we can create jenkins build parameters Preview Preview Preview
  • To invoke jenkins job with parameters as a downstream job we need a parametrized trigger plugin. After that in jenkins ui we see the functionality Preview

Next Steps

  • Jenkins 2 Features
    • Scripted Pipeline
    • Declarative Pipeline
  • Artifactory Server
  • Sonar Qube Server

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