Azure Classroom Series – 20/May/2020

Azure Migrate

  • Azure migrate provides centralized hub to access and migrate to Azure from On-Premises
  • Azure Migrate Can help in migrating
    • Servers
    • Databases
    • Web-Applications
    • Virtual Desktops
    • Data

Azure Migrate Server Migration

  • Azure Migrate Helps in Migrating Servers from popular virtualization Products

    • VMware
    • Hyper-V
  • VMs on the above mentioned virtualization platforms will be migrated to Azure

  • Basic Steps of Server Migration

    • Assessment
    • Migration
  • To Perform this migration, Azure Performs migration Natively or using ISV (Third Party). Third party integration are also supported. ISV’s Supported by Azure

    • Carbonite => Migrate servers
    • Cloudamize => Assess Servers
    • Lakeside => Asses VDI
    • Unify Cloud => Assess servers and databases
  • When performing migrations, we can use Azure tools or ISV

Lab Environment for Server Migration

Hyper-V to Azure Migration (Classroom & mutual)

  • In this scenario our assumption is asquare is running applications (VMS) on Hyper-V. Preview
  • In the classroom we will be doing simulate on-premise setup
  • Simulated Setup:
    • We will be creating Hyper-V Server on the Cloud and our assumption will be this server is on-premise Preview

VMWare to Azure Migration

  • In this i have a physical vmware setup and i will be performing this migration in the classroom. Preview

For Desiging Migration/ Migration Strategies

  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework:

    • It is collection of documentations, implementation guidance and best-practices that are from Microsoft to ensure customers accelarate of the cloud apoption journey
  • 6R’s of Migration

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