DevOps Classroom Series – 20/May/2020

Lab Setup

  1. Cloud Accounts
    • AWS
    • Azure
  2. Windows:
    choco install git -y
  3. Mac:
  4. Visual Studio Code:
  5. Packer:
    • Windows: choco install packer -y
    • MAC: brew install packer
  6. Terraform
    • Windows: choco install terraform -y
    • MAC: brew install terraform

Concepts to understand in Terraform

  • Provider:
    • Provider in Terraform will provide underlying interactions and exposes resources and Datasources to Terraform.
    • To put it in simple representation Provider is where you want infra to be created Preview
  • Resource:
    • Infrastructure element which you are creating
  • Configuration Language:
    • To create infrastructure in Terraform, we need to learn configuration language

    • Sample Terraform

    provider "aws" {
    access_key = "AKIAIH524E5KGVKCZSIQ"
    secret_key = "SpQyL9UEbSa5YOyXSk5oGSfAsvi7JLJOJxIdFEYC"
    region = "us-west-2"
    resource "aws_instance" "apache" {
        ami = "ami-0ec2b1175747b5db9"
        instance_type = "t2.micro"

Scenario : Hello-World To Infra Provisioning (AWS) to understand what has to be done in terraform.

  1. Create a VPC in AWS in mumbai region.

    • Manual Steps are: Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • IN Terraform:
    • Configure Terraform aws provider Refer Here
    • Find resource in aws provider to create vpc Refer Here Preview
  2. Create a VNET in Azure in Central US

    • Manual Steps are

      1. Create a Resource group
      2. Create a VNET Preview Preview Preview
    • In Terraform, Find a azure provider Refer Here and then find a resource group resource Refer Here and then virtual network resource Refer Here

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