AWS Classroom Series – 19/May/2020


  • Steve (Cloud Engineer) has been assigned a task to create wordpress instance in AWS Preview

Possible Solutions

  • Manual Work: Steve can implement solution manually, but If he needs one more instance, Steve has repeat all of actions Preview
  • Automation using Shell/Powershell Scripts: Steve writes the Shell Script to create wordpress using AWS CLI. Changes in the future are difficult to handle
  • Better Approach Using Templates:
    • Steve creates a template for WordPress
    • Whenever any team wants this, he executes a template
    • To Create this template Steve uses Cloudformation.
    • Using DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) as a principle, write one use many times
  • Screenshots of Creating a Template Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Once you are done, deleting the Cloud formation stack will delete everything that has been created Preview

What is required to Write Cloudformation

  • Learn Basic File formats
    • JSON
    • YAML
  • Know the manual steps of creating deployments

Approach in Classroom

  • Before writing templates, we will do the steps manually and then create a template from the understanding


  • Go through Azure’s session today
    • Azure Migrate => AWS Server Migration Service
    • ARM Template => CloudFormation

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