Azure Classroom Series – 19/May/2020

Migration Story


  • An Organization namely ‘Asquare zone ‘ wants to start using Azure Cloud.

  • We have

    • RAM and Team:
      • Maintains the infrastructure of the applications running in Asquarezone’s Datacenter
      • Responsible for Backups, Restoration and other administrative
      • He has a team and gets the workdone along with team
    • John:
      • Solutions Architect Hired to design a migration strategy
    • Steve and Team:
      • Cloud Engineers who will implement the migration and maintain the solution thereafter.
  • How is John going to Propose a Solution and what are the things that needs to be considered.

  • What will be Steve approach to implement a proposed solution to migrate and what will be strategy to maintain infrastrucute post migration

  • Challenges faced by all the three.

  • For performing this, we would look into Azure Migrate

  • John has to give solutions for the below which Steve has to implement

    • Servers:
      • Hyper-V
      • VmWare
      • Physical Servers
      • AWS Cloud
    • Database:
    • AppMigrations

Scenario for Templating

  • Asquarezone also handles a Insurance Customer
  • For deploying this application the top view of the deployment Preveiw
  • Steve’s Team is responsible for
    • Various Testing Environments to Ramana’s Team for QA
    • Deploy the application to Production
  • Actual Workflow will be as shown below Preveiw
  • How is Steve’s Team going to do the activities?
  • To do this steve is going to use
    • ARM Templates
    • Blueprints

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