DevOps Classroom Series – 19/May/2020

InfraProvisoning Scenarios

  • Basic Scenario of Infra Provisioning: Preview
  • Team:
    • Jane & Team: Development
    • Ramana & Team: QA (Manual or Automated)
    • Steve & Team: DevOps
  • Projects:
    1. HMS (Hospital Management System)
    2. Insurance (Insurance Application)

Situations for Steve

Multi Cloud Support for Hospital Management System (HMS)

  • HMS Built by Asquarezone was designed tp work on various virtual environments

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Google Compute
    • VmWare
  • Now QA team wants HMS Test Environments in all of the above Preview

  • Now Steve can use various scripts using the

    • ARM Templates for Azure
    • Cloudformation for AWS
    • VMWare SDK/CLI
  • Steve has chosen to use Terraform Preview

Asquarezone Sales Team of Insurance Project Needs demo setups when visiting to customers

  • Asquarezone has a sales team lead by robert to sell insurance application.
  • Before they go to the customer, they need a demo environment to be created. Preview
  • Steve has many options like
    • Use Cloudformation
    • Write Shell Script
    • Use Terraform
  • What is best for Steve to choose?

Other UseCases

  • Self-Service Clusters
  • Disposable Environments
  • Any Virtual Infrastructure
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Virtual Disks
  • Managing Schedulers/Orchestrators
    • Kubernetes
    • Mesos

Added Advanatages to Steve’s Team

  • If Steve can manage deploying applications /infrastructure without downtime.
  • How is steve going to do that? Steve needs to know about
    • Blue-Green Deployment
    • Canary Deployments
    • A/B
  • Steve also needs to implement Immutable Infrastructure to have strict versioning and predicatable results.

Lab Setup:

  1. AWS Account
  2. Azure Account
  3. See how to create an AWS EC2 instance
  4. Azure Vm Creation

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