Azure Classroom Series – 24/Nov/2020

Important Terms in Azure Cloud

  • Service: Anything which microsoft is offering
    • Examples: Azure VM, Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos db, Azure Storage Account
  • Resource: Anything which we create and generally resources belong to a region.
    • Example 1: VM created using Service Azure VM
    • Example 2: Database created using Azure SQL
  • Resource Group: Resources created in Microsoft Azure should always belong to a group.
  • Account: An account is created in azure
  • Subscription Preview
  • What will be free? Preview Preview Preview

Activities To be done

  1. Create an Azure Free tier account. Refer Here
  2. Create an Azure VM Refer Here

Virtual Machines

  • Azure Virtual Machines are created from Physical servers maintained by Azure. Preview
  • Azure Virtual Machines are created on Physical Servers which are shared with other users (multi-tenancy)
  • In the Virtual Machine ownership of the user starts from Operating System
  • This approach is also referred as Infrastructure as a service(IAAS) Preview
  • Lets Try to Understand what else we need for creating VM
    • CPU’s
    • RAM
    • Disk
    • Operating System
  • Azure provides instance size which helps you selecting
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • Number of Disks
  • We need to Select Operating System by using VM Image
  • Lets Create a free Windows Virtual Machine
  • Lets Create a free Linux Virtual Machine
  • Note: For connecting to Virtual Machines & To Execute shell/powershell i would be using windows terminal. Refer Here

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