K8S Classroom Series – 10/Oct/2019


  • Is Docker Production Ready?.
  • Can I run application workloads 24*7 , 365 ?
  • What would happen if containers go wrong?
  • Can I deploy new containers for existing containers without downtime?
  • How can i monitor containers?
  • Every application will have peak loads. can we scale containers automatically ?

Some more challenges


  • Maintaining these many containers will be challenges?
  • Deploy new container in the place of existing without downtime


  • It would be better if a system does solve the above mentioned challenges
  • Exactly that’s what Kubernetes does
  • Kubernetes does
    • Orchestration
    • Scheduling

Why K8s is popular

  • It is from Google.
  • K8s is built from at-least a decade of experience in running containers from google product lines OMEGA, BORG.
  • K8s is an open source
  • Cloud Providers
    • Amazon: EKS
    • Google: GKE
    • Azure: AKS
  • Kubernetes works with
    • Simple Declarative YAML Manifest (YAML files)
    • APIs

Kubernetes Components

  • Node: Any resource with CPU, Memory & Network
    • Master
    • Node
  • Cluster: Collection of Nodes


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