Azure-Lab Setup for Migrations – 10/Oct/19

Lab Setup for migrations

Reference for migrations

  • This activity is based on documentation present over here


  • We will be creating a Windows Server 2016 with HyperV enabled.
  • We know that this is in cloud, but assume this in on premise


  1. Create a resource group in Central Us location
  2. Launch a Windows 2016 Server with Any V3 (D4_V3)
  3. Enable RDP access
  4. Enable Hyper-V
  5. Create a virtual network switch & NAT for getting internet for vm
  6. Install chocolatey and then vagrant
choco install vagrant -y 
  1. Restart the machine.
  2. Configure DHCP Server

Creating Virtual Machine using vagrant

  • Open Powershell as admin and execute the following
mkdir c:\webserver
cd c:\webserver
vagrant init centos/7
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Points to note

  • In V3 series, Microsoft azure started supporting nested virtualization.

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