DevOps Classroom Series – Infra provisioning 31/Dec/2019


  • Creating Infrastructure for the application.

  • Sample Application Architecture Preview

  • To realize architecture like the one above, a difficult manual work has to be performed.

  • If there is a tool which can help in creating architectures like above, it would be better. To this tool you need to describe your architecture.

  • The other challenge is where to create this architecture. Because each virtualization env has different tools

    • AWS => Cloud Formation
    • AZURE => ARM Templates
    • Google => Template (Deployment Manager)
    • VMWare => VMWare SDK
  • Advantage of Packer/Terraform is they work on almost all the virtualization platforms


  • Every Virtualization Platform needs an Image to Create Virtual Machine
  • Packer can help in the creation of VM Images in any Virtualization Platform
  • Packer Workflow
    • Create a JSON file with your image information and the softwares required
    • Execute Packer to create image in any Virtualization Platform


  • Terraform creates Infrastructures like VMs, network, disks
  • Using terraform you can call shell script/ansible/chef/powershell
  • Terraform creates infrastructure for the applications in any Virtualization Platform
  • Terraform Workflow
    • Create a Terraform file (DSL) with your infra needs
    • Execute Terraform to create infra


  • Azure Free Trail Account
  • AWS Free Tier Account

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