Azure Classroom Series – 10/Jun/2020



Applications with multi tier

  • Classic Ntier Preview
  • Ntier with storage needs Preview
  • Ntier with authentication Preview

Other Applications Needs

  • Database:
    • Relational
    • NO SQL
  • Storage:
    • Store files/images/video/music from application
  • Authentication
  • Logging/monitor

Azure Servers for Application needs/enhancments

  • Database
    • Relational:
      • Azure SQL Database
    • NoSQL:
      • Azure Cosmos db
  • Storage
    • Azure Storage Accounts
  • Authentications
    • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
    • App Service Authentication
  • Logging/Montioring:
    • Azure Monitor

Obvious Benifits with Cloud

  • High Availability
  • Auto scaling

Azure SDK

  • Azure SDK (Software Development Kit) is one way of interacting with Azure. Preview
  • This option gives lot of flexibility as we can code in our language with the help of azure sdks. Refer here Preview

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