DevOps Classroom Series – 10/Jun/2020

How application in docker is isolated

  • Every app running on os will get process id

  • Application will be running in a os which will have some ip adress

  • Application running in a os which will have storage

  • Application running in an os which will have cpu & RAM

  • Application running inside docker container also will get all of the above point

  • Container is an isolated area of execution with

    • storage
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Process tree
    • network interface (ip address)
  • Is container new in Linux?

    • no
    • If you had to create a container it was very difficult and docker has simplified this process
  • Containerization: Process of making your application run on docker containers

  • image: Docker image is a packing format (as of now)

Basic Docker

  • When we install docker, we get two components
    1. Docker daemon
    2. Docker client
  • When we run the command to create container the following happens Preview Preview
  • When we run the command to create another container with same image the following happens Preview Preview
  • Default remote registry is dockerhub

What are DevOps Engineer Responsiblities over here (so far)

  • Ensure you can containerize the applications ( To container applications we need to understand the steps of application deploymemnt)
    • DevOps Engineer should be able to use and create new docker images

Labsetup: (Using Docker Playground => Vm with docker already installed )

  1. Navigate to here
  2. If you dont have docker hub account create it from here
  3. login with dockerhub credentials Preview Preview Preview

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