Azure Classroom Series – 04/Dec/2020

Azure Virtual Machine scale sets

  • Create a Virtual machine scale set with custom policy for scaling Preview Preview
  • Now create a vm in the same subnet as vmss and try to login into vms created by vmss using this intermediate vms (bastion-hosts/jumpbox)
  • Terms used in this session
    • Loadbalancer
    • VMSS
    • Subnet & Network
    • Health Probe
    • Bastion host/jump box
  • Checks to be done
    • Ensure your application is running Preview
    • Loadbalancer will forward the request to the vms in vmss if the health probe is success.
  • As of now the issue is load balancer is not able to find healthy instances in VMSS. So we need to correct our health probe and check for other details to use vmss.

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