Azure Classroom notes 21/Oct/2023

Azure Global Infrastructure

  • Refer Here for Azure Global infrastructure
  • Top level infra

    • Region: Geographical location
      • Types:
        • Region with Zones
        • Regions without Zones
    • POP (Points of Presence)
      • Usecases:
        • Network connectivity (Express Route)
        • Caching. (Content Delivery Networks)
    • 5G Refer Here
  • Which Region to Choose ?

    • Go closer to your customers Refer Here
    • Regional Features

Azure Virtual Networks (Vnet)

  • Refer Here for official docs
  • Azure virtual networks is a service offered by Microsoft Azure to manage networks
  • Azure Virtual Network is a private network.
  • If we need to connect any resources to the network, we need to have subnet.
  • In the case of virtual machine, subnets and vm are connected via network interface (nic). This nic gets a private ip address from subnet range
  • By default azure vnets will have internet connectivity
  • If your network interface (vm) needs to be accesed directly from internet, we can create a public ip and attach to the nic.

Creating a VM and Impact of network, subnet and public ip

  • In Azure there are no default networks, you can use what is present in your account or create a new network
  • Organizing Azure Resources
  • Network


  • Latency

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