DevOps Classroom notes 21/Oct/2023

Building and Packaging Java Projects using a Maven

  • Compilation: Process of
    • checks for errors in code
    • converts to desired language (Byte code/machine code)
  • Packaging:
    • Combining compiled code into some packaging format
      • java: jar/war/ear
      • dotnet: dll/exe
  • Dependencies: will be downloaded
    • java: maven/gradle
    • dotnet: nuget
    • python: pip
    • nodejs: npm
  • Maven: combines dependency resolution, compilation, unit test executions, packaging
  • Maven expects a file called as pom.xml
  • Steps:
    • Get the latest code
    • Pre-requisites:
      • jdk version
      • maven
    • Execute mvn <goal>
      • compile
      • test
      • package
    • In our case we will be using mvn package

Setup a linux vm for building and packaging spring-petclinic

  • pre-req’s
    • git
    • maven
    • jdk 17
  • SSH into the vm & execute the following
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openjdk-17-jdk -y
sudo apt install maven -y
git --version
java -version
mvn --version

* Build steps

cd ~
git clone
cd spring-petclinic
mvn package


Azure DevOps Pipelines

  • Azure DevOps has two ways of building pipelines

    • Classic Pipelines: We rely on user interface
      • Drawback:
        • History will be missing
      • Advantages:
        • Easy to start
    • Azure Pipelines YAML: Pipeline as Code. We will define pipelines steps in a file azure-pipelines.yaml and add it to the version control system (git)
      • Advantage:
        • History will be maintained
      • Disadvantage:
        • Learning curve for writing pipeline
  • Azure DevOps has agents: Agent is where the build is executed. There are two types of agents

    • Microsoft Hosted agents: These are machines which will be created on demand by Azure DevOps and will be delete upon build completion.
    • Self Hosted Agents: These are machines managed by us, we add these machines as agents to Azure DevOps.
  • Azure DevOps plans

    • Free:
      • 1 Free Microsoft-hosted CI/CD (1800 minutes/month)
      • 1 Free Self-Hosted CI/CD
      • Azure Source Repos => free
      • Azure Artifacts 2 GB

Configuring Spring petclinic build on Azure DevOps

  • Ensure you have some Azure DevOps Project
  • Import the repository
  • Lets setup build
  • To solve this error we need to raise parallelism request Refer Here

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