Azure Classroom Series – 24/Apr/2021

Azure Virtual Machines

  • In Azure We can create Windows or Linux VMS
  • Lets Create a Linux vm with key pair
    • When we create a linux vm usign key pair
      • we can create a key pair
      • using a existing key pair created and importing in azure Refer Here Preview Preview Preview
      • To login into the vm created we need public ip address of the vm, username and key path and also ssh client Preview
  • Exercise: Create a Linux Vm with username and password Waiting till 8:05
  • Lets create a windows vm Preview
  • Now login into the vm using remote desktop client (mstsc) Preview
  • What resources get created when we create a vm Preview
  • Workloads: Azure Supports the following Workloads
  • Lets Navigate to MarketPlace Preview
  • Azure also provides options to Create our own custom vm images.
  • Azure VM Pricing is
    • Cost of Operating system/Image
    • Cost of VM Type
    • Cost of disk

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