Azure Classroomnotes 26/Jul/2022

Understanding Networking

  • A device in a network can connect to any other device in the same network.
  • Router is a device which can forward the packets from one network to other.
  • We can use ipconfig on windows and ifconfig or ip addr on linux machines to get ip address
  • ip address is 4 octect number represented in the format of x.x.x.x => to
  • Ip address is used to uniquely identify a device in a network.
  • Ip address => Combination of network id + host id
  • Subnet mask helps in identifying the network id => host id
255 octets: 192.168 => Network Id
0 octects: 0.10 => Host Id
  • Lets look at one more example
nid: 10.10.11  
hid: 90
  • Each network reserves two ip address one for network id and one for broadcast => 2^n-2 (n=> number of bits in host id)
  • Every router will have route tables which are rules to forward the packets.

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