DevOps Classroomnotes 26/Jul/2022

Story of iSymbiotic

  • iSymbiotic has a medical record system software.
  • The customers of this organization are
  • The hospitals own the servers on which we install/deploy the iMRS.
  • We give new versions to the customers every month.
  • For this iSymbiotic uses the following Test Environments
    • Dev Environment: This environment needs to deployed for every change done by dev team
    • System Test Environment: This environment needs to be deployed once every day at 11:00 PM
    • Performance Test Environment : This environment needs to be deployed once every day at 1:00 AM
    • UAT (User Acceptance Testing)/Pre-Prod/Staging: This we deploy every weekend i.e. saturday 6:00 AM

Possible Solutions to make this work

  1. Have admins do the deployments manually
  2. Write scripts like shell/powershell scripts to deploy the application.
  3. Using Declarative Approaches like configuration management to deploy the application

Note: Assumption is iSymbiotic already has servers with OS ready.

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