AWS Classroomnotes 26/Jul/2022

Importance of Virtual/Software defined Networks

  • When we use cloud to access the applications we need to figure out how to use virtual networks for that we need to have some basics of networking

Networking Basics

  • Ip address is used to uniquely identify a device on the network.
  • Let me find the ip of my laptop. On windows ipconfig or linux ifconfig or ip addr
  • Networking principle:
  • A device can connect directly to other device in the same network.
  • Whenever network packets need to travel to the different network they use router.
  • Default Gateway in the ipconfig is the ip address for the router
  • Lets understand IPv4 => x.x.x.x where each x is an octet i.e. it has 8 bits. The range of ip address is from to
  • Ip address is combination of network id and host id
ip => network id  + host id
  • Find the network id and host id
octets with 255: 192.168 => network id
octets with 0: 0.10 => host id
host id => 2 octets => 16 bits => 2^16 - 2 = 65536-2 => 65534
if the host id has all zero's => network id
if the host id has all one's => broadcast id
  • Example 2
nid: 10.11.12
hid: 13
size => 2^8-2 => 254
  • I want to create a network to connect 60000 devices
2^n ~= 60000
n = 16 => 2 octets
sm =>

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