Azure Classroom Series – 17/Aug/2021

Networking Basics

  • Goals:
    • In the Azure Cloud (Or any cloud), we are responsible for virtual network and Physical network with in Azure Hardware is managed by Microsoft
    • Create Virtual Network for your archictecture so, creating networks for applications, exposing necessary servers to internet. Deny all the other access
    • Understand and implementing Virtual Private Networks
    • Enabling DNS (Public and Private)

IP Address

  • Unique address given to a system in a network to communicate.
  • There are currently two main versions of IP Address
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
  • IPv4:
    • IPv4 is made up of 32 bits, Because of this , there are 2^32 (4294967296) possible IP Addresses
    • Each IPv4 address is broken down into four sections Preview Preview
    • Lets look at decimal reprsenation and binary representation of some ip addresses => decimal representation
    11000000.10101000.00000000.00001010 => binary represenation => decimal
    00010100.00011001.00100010.00000111 => binary representation => decimal
    • Execute ipconfig on your laptop Preview
    • Observations about IP Addresses
      • What is purpose of Default Gateway and subnet mask?
      • Why are most of our ip addresses starting with 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x in our office network
    • IP Address holds
      • network id
      • host id
    • But to determine the network id and host id we need a subnet mask
      network id
      host id
      host id
      network id (3 octets)
      host id (1 octet) => 2^8 ~= 256
      network id 
      host id (2 octets => 2^16 ~= 65536)

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