DevOps Classroom Series – 17/Aug/2021

Containers from High Level

  • Applications are heart of the business.
  • Applications run on Servers.
  • The bad old days:
    • Everytime the business needed a new application, IT department would buy a new server
    • So IT bought big and this resulted in over powered server operations.
    • This approach is tragic waste of capital and environmental resources.
  • Hello VMWare!
    • Amid all of this VMWare Inc gave world the gift the virtual machine (VM)
    • This was a game changer, IT departments no longer needed ot procure a brand new oversized server every time the business needed new application
    • They could now run the new appls on existing server with spare capacity
  • Hello Containers!
    • For a long time, big web scale players, like Google, have been using container technologies to address the short comings of VM Model
    • The container model is roughly analogous to the VM, A major diference is that containers do not require a full blow os.
    • All the containers on a single host share the host’s OS. This frees up huge amount of system resources like CPU, RAM and storage. It also reduces potential licensing costs and reduces the overhead of OS Patching and other maintainence.
    • Containers are lot fast to start and ultra-portable.
  • Hello Docker!:
    • Docker has made it extremely simple to create containers which was very much difficult prior to docker to create and maintain containers. Preview
  • Windows Containers:
    • Over the past few years Microsoft Corp has worked extermely hard to bring docker and container technologies to the Windows Platform.
    • Microsoft has worked closely with Docker Inc to achieve the container support.
    • As of now, The Containers are supported natively on the
      • Windows 10 and later
      • Windows Server 2016 and later


  1. Create an account in Docker Hub Refer Here
  2. Installation of softwares (Windows) Refer Here
  3. Windows Terminal (For Windows 10 users ) Refer Here

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