Azure Classroomnotes 12/Aug/2022

Activity 3: Create a primary and secondary vnets in two regions/locations

  • Create the network from azure cli and powershell
  • Refer Here for the changes added to create two virtual networks using Azure Powershell
  • Now lets create a NSG which allows all traffic with in vnet in two regions
  • Now attach this NSG to app1, db1, cache1 Refer Here for the changes
  • Exercise: Create a NSG to allow all the traffic from any where

    • if the port is 22 (SSH)
    • if the port is 80 (http)
    • if the port is 443 (https)
    • if the port is 3389 (RDP)
    • if the protocol is icmp
  • Peer the primary and secondary vnet: Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the changes done

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