DevOps Classroomnotes 07/Jun/2022

Importance of Docker and Kubernetes for Career


Understand Running Applications on Servers

  • Consider this as your application architecture

Generation 1

  • We procure physical servers with decent configuration and install necessary infrastructure to run our application
  • Your application is using the hardware to run and utilization is low
  • Costs involved are
    • For purchasing the servers before we deploy our application (Capex)
    • For maintaining the server during application is in use (opex)
  • There are most likely chances that you under use your hardware

Generation 2

  • Hypervisors came into existence.
  • Hypervisors are the softwares installed on the physical machines which help you in creating virtual machines
  • Examples: VmWare, Hyper-V, KVM, Virtual Box etc.
  • VMWare became very populare which allows to create multiple vms on the same physical server. (Server Virtualization)

Generation 3: Docker

  • Linux had a concept of containers from day 1, but it was difficult to create and very few organizations like google were using them.
  • Docker made is simple to create containers
  • Consider container as an isolated area with cpu, ram and network which makes application belive that it running on full blown os.
  • Since containers are light weight we can run many instances on the server

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