Azure Classroomnotes 07/Jun/2022

Operations in Azure

What could be possible activities ?

  • When we run our applications and in the case of issues on a larger not we have two possible options
    • Have as much less downtimes as possible to recover from failures.
      • We rely on effective backup mechanism
    • No downtime:
      • We rely on multiple machines (redundancy)
  • Ongoing Maintenance:
    • New updates to the
      • application
      • operating system
      • databases
  • Troubleshooting:
    • You are expected to troubleshoot on the failure.
  • Execution:
    • Manual:
      • For new failures or scenarios
    • Automated:
      • Regular maintance can be automated.

How Can we realize the activities

  • Azure Offers a simplified approach, even to perform complex operations by giving simple interfaces.
  • For Automation: We rely on
    • Azure CLI
    • Azure Powershell
    • ARM Templates

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