AWS Classroomnotes 07/Jun/2022

Blob Storage – First Service of AWS

  • History
  • Use Case – OTT (Over the Top): OTT platforms require the videos to be streamed to the customer devices from the servers. It is not a good idea to have all the videos from some centralized location, so decentralizing it would be good for reducing latency
  • OTT Platforms require global presence for the videos to be streamed and building this on their own is not a feasible options, So cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP provide storage service which is affordable where you pay only for the content (size and usage)
  • Use Case – Backups and Archivals (long term storage)
  • Use Case 3 – Applications with media: Applications like facebook, ecommerce site, instagram etc requires images and videos to be stored

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