Azure Classroom Series – 13/Aug/2020

Azure VM Images (Contd..)

  • In Azure when we create vm’s we are given the option of setting user credentials, so vm image ideally should not have user credentials
  • Before Creating VMImages we should remove user credentials, since we remove user credentials from the vm from which we create vm image the vm becomes unusable.
  • In the case of Windows We remove user credentials using sysprep, in linux vm’s we deprovision using azure agent running on linux.
  • The images created by removing user specific information are called as generalized images.
  • Other Kinds of VM Images created by importing from virtual hard disks etc are called as specialized vm images.
  • VM Image Creation can be automated using a tool called Packer.
  • Lets create a VM Image with lamp stack and stress tool, just add this step to the steps used in previous session
sudo apt-get install stress -y

Azure Linux VM Provisioning

  • When you create VM, you are allowed to pass parameters and setting to the VM, This is called as VM Provisioning.

  • During VM Provisioning we set

    • hostname
    • username
    • password
    • SSH Keys
    • Custom data
  • A provisioning agent inside the Azure linux vm is responsible for setting the parameters.

  • The provisioning agents could be

    • Azure Linux Agent
    • Cloud-int
  • After azure sets the above mentioned parameters (hostname, credentials, etc) it will run cloud-init.

  • Provisioning Agents responsibilities

    • Image Provisioning
    • Networking
    • kernel
    • Diagnostics

Advanced Tab in VM Creation

  • Screenshots for linux Preview Preview
  • Screenshots for Windows Preview Preview

Azure VM Extensions

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