GCP Classroom Series – 16/Apr/2021

Using references in Google Deployment manager

  • To access the properties of the resources created with in a template we can use references the syntax is $(ref.RESOURCE_NAME.PROPERTY)
  • Refer Here for the changeset which create network and uses its dependencies in the firewall
  • Now create the deployment Preview

Adding output to templates and configurations

  • Refer Here for the official documentation
  • Refer Here for the sample created
  • Now lets go back to scenario-1

Scenario 1:

  • Create a GCP deployment with templates and a configuration
    • to create a network
    • to create firewall rules to allow
      • http and https to all instances
      • ssh to instances with network tag allowssh
      • open everything to instances with network tag openall
    • to create a vm with ubuntu and public ip
    • to create a vm with centos and private ip
  • refactor the scenario1 with the output and references as we learnt in this session.

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